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Commercial Insurance is broken into two basic types, Business Owners Policies (BOP) for smaller, more general type risks and Commercial Package Policies (CPP) for larger, more complex risks.

“Commercial Insurance has two basic types of policies: Business
Owners (BOP) and Commercial Packages (CPP).”

BOPs are most often used for retail, some restaurants, offices including professionals and small commercial business. There are BOPs for artisan contractors as well. A CPP policy is used for any business that does not fit into the categories above or who have a business that is too large to qualify for a BOP.

A CPP policy can be tailored to the needs of the individual business where a BOP is less flexible. There are literally hundreds of different coverage endorsements that can be added to a CPP policy. This is why you want to deal with a qualified insurance agency that gets to know your business and will structure your insurance to fit your specific needs.

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