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Artisan/Trade Contractors (Small Contractors)

It’s an insurance package crafted just for trades like plumbers, electricians, drywallers, painters and you.

Whether you are faced with a business threatening liability suit or the theft of a tool, the W.E. Davis Package for Artisan Contractors Package Policy protects your operation. This reasonably priced insurance provides broad commercial liability protection in an easy-to-read policy. You may select from a wide range of optional coverages to protect against risks unique to your business.

“Trade contractors need broad protection at the best price. We can do that!”

Who is eligible?

Artisan contractors with up to 15 employees and receipts up to $1.5 million may qualify for this package. Our agency can help determine your eligibility. As an added convenience, we can usually quote the cost of your business insurance on the spot.

You’ll have broad protection.

The insurance automatically provided under the W.E. Davis Package for Artisan Contractors is among the broadest in the insurance marketplace. Underwritten by The Cincinnati Insurance Company, they have deleted its general aggregate amount; this means our Artisan package policy will continue to protect you after many other policies have been exhausted.

Consider your options

A wide variety of optional coverages may be added to your Package for Artisan Contractors. These options allow you to tailor your insurance program to your specific needs.

  • Building or Business Personal Property Coverage, “special” cause of loss, provides comprehensive protection for these important investments.
  • Contractors Equipment and Tool Floaters offer coverage on or away from the job site.
  • Builders Risk Coverage and the Installation Floater protect your work in process until completion of the job.
  • Crime Coverage includes Employee Dishonesty up to $100,000 and Money and Securities up to $5,000, on or off premises.
  • Electronic Data Processing Coverage provides protection (including mechanical breakdown) for your equipment, data and media.


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