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Employee Benefits include Group Health, Life, Disability and Long Term Care. Finding affordable benefits (primarily health insurance) for employees in small businesses are becoming harder and harder. Moving into managed care helped the problem for a while and now most businesses include a health Savings Account option which has a high deductible health plan to save premium. But the experts say the industry will continue with double digit increases. Of course, no one knows how the new federal system will affect us all, but working closely with your professional independent agent will help you sort through the maze of options available.

“We offer affordable Employee Benefit packages which include Group Health, Life, Disability and Long Term Care”

Our agency helps our clients design employee benefit plans which are benefit-rich, but with competitive rates. We will carefully design your employee benefits from among products offered by a number of insurers we represent. Our service includes orientation and annual update meetings to ensure that your staff understands the benefits being provided to them.

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