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Group Long Term Care is one of the newest and quickly becoming one of the most important ancillary benefits businesses can provide for their valued staff members. With the aging demographics of employees, Long Term Care (LTC) seems to be on the minds of most employees over 50.

The good news is Group LTC can be very affordable and the Federal Government still allows for variations in plan design between employees, even if all or a portion of the premium is paid for by the employer.

The newest LTC plans use “buckets” of funds for their coverage. One can purchase $100,000 policy (higher amounts available and encouraged) and that will be the amount available for Long Term Care expenses should the employee have a covered claim. The employee can also chose what percentage of the “bucket” amount will be available on a monthly basis. (1%, 2% up to 5%)

One of the best things about the coverage is the ability to use the policy for home health care, or even family care. So one does NOT have to go to a nursing home to receive a benefit.

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