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The Business Auto Policy (BAP) may seem simple, but there are many issues you should understand as an owner of commercial vehicles. The auto coverages in the BAP are similar to your own personal insurance policy:  Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorist, Comprehensive and Collision all make up the BAP.

“The business auto policy has many endorsements that can expand or limit coverage.”

There are other options available as well:

Hired and Non-owned Auto – for suits resulting from an employee’s use of a non-owned vehicle.

Hired Car Property Damage – pays for a rental vehicle damaged while being rented, no need for Collision Damage Waiver coverage from the rental car company.

Pollution for accidental spills from a vehicle.

You must decide under what circumstances your employees have permission to drive company vehicles – just for work, to and from work, or for personal use. Can your employees let their 16 year old sons drive your company vehicle? If not clearly spelled out, you may have problems.

Contact us for more detailed information on commercial auto insurance. If your employees ever drive company owned vehicles; check with us to make sure you are protected.

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