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Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) are quickly becoming one of the best ways to handle employment for small to medium sized businesses. Previously called employee leasing, these firms have become more professional and are widely accepted by regulators.

A PEO takes over all the administrative aspects of being an employer. This includes hiring, progressive discipline, firing, payroll, employee manuals, handling complaints, employee benefits, safety, and workers compensation. The small business retains the ability to keep or remove persons from their staffs and the culture of that small business stays the same, but without the headaches associated with employment.

A PEO acts like your very own Human Resources department. They offer employee benefits previously reserved for Fortune 500 companies. Complete health & dental, 401k retirement, section 125 cafeteria plans and Employee Assistance Plans (EAP) are just some of the offerings.

Our office has researched the PEO industry as well as local PEOs and believe they offer valuable services never before available to small business. If you are interested in exploring the advantages of a PEO relationship, contact us.

” PEOs provide vital Human Resource support for small employers. PEOs allow small employers to compete with large ones by offering Fortune 500 company benefits. “

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