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Ride comfortably

If you already have your home and automobiles insured with Cincinnati, you don’t have to look elsewhere to insure your motorcycle – we can handle that, too! You receive a complete range of motorcycle coverages at a very competitive price.

Why pay more for less?

Compare your current policy or any other company’s with ours. Do they offer . . .

  • broad “automobile type” coverage?
  • seasonal rates and lay-up credits?
  • coverage on mopeds at reduced rates?
  • coverage on additional equipment, such as saddle bags, roll bars and farrings?
  • selection of the limits, coverages and deductibles you desire?


Discounts for safe driving

With Cincinnati, you can receive preferred rates if you are violation and accident free.

Additionally, you can save even more money with other discounts:


  • Homeowner-auto discount – If you own your home and allow us to insure it along with your motorcycle, we’ll discount your motorcycle premium.
  • Multi-car discount – If you own more than one motorcycle or if you also own an automobile, we can discount all the vehicles when written on the same policy.
  • Lay-up credits – Because motorcycles are often used only during months of good weather, you should not have to pay the full annual premium to insure it. Cincinnati offers attractive lay-up credits for those months when the motorcycle is not being used.
  • Experienced driver discounts – Statistics show that young drivers have more accidents. Because of this we allow lower rates for operators age 30 and over.
    The right coverage from the right people

    The Cincinnati Insurance Companies’ commitment to you is simple. We deliver service from people who know you and your community – your local independent insurance agent and, in most cases, a local claims representative.

    When it comes to something as important as you and your family, you can count on your agent and The Cincinnati Insurance Companies to be there, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

    Contact your independent insurance agent today for additional information and details on how you can “Ride Comfortably” with The Cincinnati Insurance Companies.


W.E. Davis Insurance is here for you when you need us.

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