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Compare the advantages of our Executive Home Owner’s policy through Cincinnati Insurance.

“Homeowner policies are not equal. It pays to check the fine print.”

Most people wouldn’t think twice about paying more for a Lexus over a Chevy. However, most homeowner insurance shoppers think if the amount of building coverage and deductible are the same, the only other consideration is price. Like most other products, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR with homeowners insurance. Compare the following with your current homeowners policy:

W.E. Davis Your Policy
“Risks of Loss” on contents* YES
Ordinance of law coverage** YES
Earthquake coverage included YES
Sump pump failure up to $5,000 (higher limits available) YES
Personal injury coverage (libel, slander) YES
Mobile, cellular phones covered YES
Business property in home covered up to $2,500 YES
Personal computers covered up to contents limit YES
Contents limit is 75% of the building limit YES
Cash money up to $1,000 YES
Claim adjuster specifically assigned to agency and you YES
W.E. Davis can settle claims under $2,500 YES

Of course, like most other homeowner insurance policies, our program includes Replacement Cost Contents, and can add options like Guaranteed Home Replacement, Umbrella Liability, and Scheduled Articles like jewelry and Home Business Coverage. In many cases, the Cincinnati price is the same or less than companies with less coverage. Regardless of price, you will be happy you chose the W.E. Davis Insurance Agency and Cincinnati Insurance at time of claim.

* – The above assumes a Cincinnati Executive policy with the HR700 extension endorsement added.

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