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Your rental property should provide you with extra income-not extra worry. That’s why W.E. Davis Insurance Agency offers Rental Dwelling Package Policies to protect you and your investment property. The policy balances your unpredictable tenants with our predictable and broad property and liability coverage. With our Rental Dwelling Package, you’ll be able to guarantee your rental income in case of a loss. Our policy replaces your rents for up to a year following an insured loss.

“One to Four Family Rental Dwellings can be insured with
superior coverage at a very affordable price.”

Your Broad and Affordable Coverage

The Rental Dwelling Package Policy offers the protection you need most:

  • Special Cause of Loss Coverage (risks of direct physical loss to covered property, except those listed in the exclusions)
  • Your personal property kept on the rental premises up to 5% of the dwelling limit
  • Dwelling coverage on a replacement cost basis
  • Rents for up to 12 months following an insured loss
  • Construction and repair materials, excluding theft
  • Attached wall-to-wall carpeting, outdoor antennas, awnings, fences
  • Arson reward up to $1,000

The Rental Dwelling Package Policy protects and defends you from:

    • Renters Legal Liability for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage up to $300,000 per occurrence.
    • Provides coverage for medical expense up to $1,000 per person.
    • Pays expense and defense costs in addition to limits of liability.
Consider Your Options

You may wish to consider these additional coverages:

    • Comprehensive crime
    • Earthquake
    • Inflation protection
    • Replacement cost on personal property

Insure your investment rental property and your peace of mind. Please contact our agency to find out more about our Rental Dwelling Package Policy. It’s predictable protection at a predictable price. Contact us for a free quote.

W.E. Davis Insurance is here for you when you need us.

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