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We believe in providing our clients the resources and information they need to make good decisions, not just about insurance, but also about safety and loss prevention. We have dedicated a entire section of our website to deal with these issues and give you links and other pertinent information you may need. These pages will give you some ideas and be a useful resource when you need information. Please do take the time to visit these pages and help us better serve you by taking some preventive measures.

At the W.E. Davis Insurance Agency, we are big believers in proactive measures like loss control and prevention, rather than just reactive measures like paying claims. Everyone loses when a claim occurs. You lose by having to pay a deductible, spend extra hours compiling information and in oversight of repair or replacement of covered property, and in the loss of use of damaged items for a period of time.

We believe you are better served if a loss never happens. This is why we have two locally issued newsletters, one for personal and the other for business, which help prevent losses from happening. We also have commercial loss prevention brochures for worksite safety and many of our companies have loss control departments which can do individualized surveys for specific remedies to potential losses.

W.E. Davis Insurance is here for you when you need us.

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