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Teen Drivers

The long-awaited day has arrived and your child has obtained their driver’s license! This is their first step towards recognition as a young adult but what does all of this mean to you and how does it affect your insurance policy? There are many questions and concerns that a parent has when their teenager reaches the legal driving age.

  • Do you have to insure your teenage driver or can they own their own policy?
  • When are they required to have coverage?
  • How much will all of this cost?

Many of these questions can be answered by reaching out to your agency before they even begin practicing for the big day.

W.E. Davis provides that opportunity by offering a “Youthful Driver” appointment to address all of these concerns. Bringing the young driver to the appointment will give all parties the opportunity to ask questions, stress the importance of safe driving habits and what they can do to keep their rates low and earn discounts. This appointment will also give the teen the sense of feeling more official as a driver and to show them that with great freedom, comes great responsibility!

Some of the subjects that will be addressed at a Youthful Driver appointment are as follows:

  • How your rates will be impacted by adding a youthful driver
  • How your rates will be impacted should they have an accident or a violation.
  • Who has to carry the coverage for the youthful driver.
  • How to choose what car will be best for them, as well as your rates.
  • How they can assist in keeping the policy rates low, e.g. Good Student discounts.
  • Other ways for the parent to get discounts on a youthful driver.
  • What to do should they get in an accident.

This meeting should only take between 30 to 45 minutes. When it is all said and done, not only will your teenager feel more informed and engaged in the process, but you, the parent will feel secure knowing that your child is properly covered. Contact Us for more information or to schedule a meeting.


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