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The Printers Package Policy

Your customers demand a lot from you – the perfect job delivered yesterday. The W.E. Davis Insurance Agency can deliver the insurance and risk management package to protect you from the risks you face doing business today. We’ve designed a package that already includes the special coverage’s printers ask for and the broad coverage you need.

“Printer Errors and Omissions is a commonly missed coverage for many print shops. Call us for details.”


Our Printers Package Policy includes “Special Causes of Loss” on your building and business personal property, including extensions for property in transit and off premises. You’ll automatically have these valuable coverages at no extra cost to you:

  1. Business income coverage up to $10,000 when your business is interrupted by a covered claim, including off premises power and water interruption.
  2. Up to $10,000 for extra expenses to help you resume your business operations following a covered claim.
  3. Accounts receivable and valuable papers coverage up to $25,000.
  4. Artwork, dyes, forms, manuscripts, negatives and other similar property belonging to others in your care at your place of business or in transit up to $15,000, including water damage.
  5. Accidental marring of plates belonging to others while in your care, up to $15,000.


We provide top value for your insurance dollar. W.E. Davis offers one-of-a-kind commercial general liability coverage. Your insurance package covers your liability for premises operations, completed operations, personal and advertising injury and medical payments. It goes beyond standard policies offered by other insurers to include, at no extra cost:

Liability coverage for bodily injury caused by accidental release of vapors on the insured’s premises (example: carbon monoxide). **

Tailor your insurance program with affordable options that are easily added to your package :

  1. The Printers Optional Coverage Endorsement covers property losses up to $25,000 due to water back up from sewers or drains; and provides coverage under your building or business personal property limit for loss due to change in temperature and accidental marring or scratching of your plates.
  2. Printers Errors and Omissions – shields you against claims by customers who allege loss because of your printing job error or omission.
  3. Commercial Umbrella Policy – gives you higher liability limits and Cincinnati’s broad umbrella protection.
  4. Equipment Breakdown** – you may be eligible for a policy covering your printers as well as heating, air conditioning and other mechanical equipment.


We have carriers that prefer to do what many companies refuse to do … offer three year and even five-year rate guarantees on all coverage except automobile and errors and omissions, which are renewed annually. This approach allows you to budget your insurance expenses.

“Special Causes of Loss” means risks of direct physical loss to covered property except those causes of loss listed in the exclusions.

This is not a policy. For a complete statement of the coverages and exclusions, please see the policy contract.


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