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Funeral Directors

Complete insurance protection for Funeral Directors

When you partner with our agency, you’re getting all the insurance protection your business needs from one agency and most likely, one company, plus value-added services that address your unique needs. For your property and liability exposures, we have many different programs, but also include general information on our typical program for funeral directors.

We can cover your funeral home for the replacement value of your property and lost income as a result of covered property damage. But we don’t stop there. We also cover business liability and equipment breakdowns. We offer as an option an endorsement that provides customized coverage such as Funeral Directors Professional Liability, coverage for property of the deceased, damage to your customer’s auto while in your care, and more. That’s complete protection.

“Funeral Directors need specialized coverage and W.E. Davis can do it.”

More value. Less worry.

We provide the security you need to feel confident you’ve made the right choice. We know how busy you are, and making time to do all the things you want isn’t easy. That’s why our programs written through A.M Best rated carriers with A+ ratings provide built-in, extra coverage and innovative services that make protecting what’s yours worry free and easy. Our agency is committed to building relationships by being customer-focused and knowledgeable about your business protection needs. Protect the things you care about with the W.E. Davis Insurance Agency.

Property Coverage
  • Building Coverage – Our building coverage also includes garages, storage buildings and related structures, plus permanently installed fixtures, equipment and outdoor fixtures. If you acquire new buildings during the policy period, they will automatically be covered for 90 days, up to $500,000 in value.
  • Business Personal Property – Your stock, equipment and fixtures are protected on a replacement cost basis. Personal Property of others in your care is also covered as part of your Business Personal Property, without regard to legal liability.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Like many other business owners, you probably worry about equipment failure. Our coverage can provide complete protection including the breakdown of certain mechanical equipment. That allows you to concentrate on providing the best possible service to your customers.

Coverage includes:

  • Losses to equipment from mechanical breakdown and electrical disturbance
  • Replacement for lost business income
  • Rental equipment
  • $50,000 coverage for the spoilage of perishable goods resulting from equipment failure
  • State or municipal equipment inspections at no additional cost
  • Loss control services

This coverage applies to a broad range of equipment including:

  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Heating and hot water boilers
  • Air tanks and pressure vessels
  • Production and mechanical equipment

Loss of Business Income and Extra Expense – If a covered loss occurs, you are protected for your lost income and extra expense, including payroll, for actual loss sustained, up to 12 consecutive months, with no limit. Coverage is extended for up to 30 days to include loss of business income from dependent properties.

Accounts Receivable* – $25,000 (includes credit card receipts)

Computer Equipment* – $25,000

Business Personal Property off Premises – $25,000

Back up of Sewers or Drains – $25,000

Building Ordinance or Law*

Debris Removal – Up to 25% of Business Personal Property Limit

Employee Dishonesty* – $10,000

Employees’ Tools* – $2,500 per occurrence, no limit per employee

Fine Arts* – $5,000

Food Contamination Shutdown Coverage

Loss of Business Income – $50,000

Clean up and Medical Expense – $5,000

Forgery and Alteration* – $10,000


Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency – $10,000

Off Premises Power Failure* – $25,000

Outdoor Property*

Seasonal Increase for Business Personal Property – 25%

Valuable Papers* – $25,000

* – Limit may be increased for an additional premium charge

The above is a partial list of included coverage. Give us a call or send an email if you would like a complete list.

Optional Property Coverage

We know that not all businesses are alike. That is why we offer optional coverage to give you the opportunity to fine-tune your insurance by adding coverage and adjusting limits so that your policy is right for you.

Liability Coverage

Our Liability coverage will protect you from a variety of claims against your business related to bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. A limit of $300,000 is included with options up to $2,000,000.

The following options are also available :

  • Funeral Directors Professional Liability
  • Hired Auto Liability
  • Additional Insured’s
  • Employee Benefits Liability

The service doesn’t stop when the policy is issued…

Our customers are valuable to us. We want to make sure you feel the security that comes from a company helping to protect the things YOU Care about. That’s why our agency offers superior Funeral Director Programs which includes a broad range of protection that is often not covered in standard policies. Among the innovative and Customer focused services we provide are:

Loss Control Services

We can help you reduce your risk for loss and your cost of doing business. We offer specialized programs such as Safety Solutions, Ergo Solutions, Drug Free Workplace, Violence Prevention Programs, and model safety manuals for other programs. We provide businesses the tools they need to create a safety culture.

Guaranteed Repair

Our company’s Guaranteed Repair Program is an extra safeguard that helps protect you even after a claim is settled and repairs are made. The program guarantees that any covered building or auto repairs made by an carrier approved contractor or auto service facility will meet industry standards for quality and workmanship. And we guarantee the building repair work for two years after repairs are completed, provided the building is still insured with us. For autos, the guarantee is good for as long as you own the automobile and insure it with that carrier.

Flexible Premium Payment Plan

We offer payment plans from Annual to monthly EFT as well as credit card payments.

Other Protection You May Need

Commercial Umbrella – We recommend that you consider adding this coverage to protect against unknown catastrophic liability losses. A variety of limits, up to $50,000,000, is available at an affordable premium.

Commercial Automobile to protect limousines and other vehicles used in funeral service and during pick up or transfer of the deceased.

The complete protection and service you need for your business…

One complete program … serviced by one agency; W.E. Davis Insurance Agency, Inc. and one insurer.

For further information or to discuss your specific coverage needs, contact our agency. Email or call us at 1-614-443-0533.


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