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The Metalworkers Package Policy

As an owner of an industrial or manufacturing business, you have unique insurance needs. Selection of the appropriate insurance plan is essential. You can count on The W.E. Davis Insurance Agency to protect your business with a superior insurance plan. We offer many different insurance programs for metalworkers and include specifics about one of our fine carrier’s Metalworkers Package Policy. Many of our carriers have specific programs just for Machine Shops.

A policy forged to protect you.

The W.E. Davis Insurance Agency’s Metalworkers Package Policy is a program that is customized with distinctive coverage enhancements for businesses engaged in metalworking. Only the best metalworking shops qualify to receive these expanded coverage as well as special preferred rates just for metalworkers.

“Let W.E. Davis forge a policy that provides iron clad protection for your machine shop.”

Six built-in coverages.

The Metalworkers Package Policy automatically adds or increases six coverages at no additional cost, providing protection above and beyond most package policies.

  • Finished stock is valued at the selling price, an advantage not automatically included in most policies.
  • Stock is automatically valued at replacement cost (no deduction for depreciation) when business personal property is insured at replacement cost.
  • Marring or scratching of personal property, including dies, molds or forms, is covered up to $10,000, another advantage not included in most package policies.
  • The $2,500 theft limitation for patterns, mold, dies and forms is eliminated.
  • Coverage applies to personal property even while airborne or waterborne.

We will reimburse you for your expenses due to covered loss to recharge automatic or portable fire extinguishers. The $10,000 policy limitation has been removed.

Optional extra strength.

And because you’ll want to reinforce your policy, you can purchase a convenient group of coverages packaged into one affordable option.

It strengthens your policy by adding higher limits and coverages not available from other insurers or from standard commercial package policies :

  • Theft of personal effects or employees’ tools used in your business – $10,000 limit added.
  • Theft of precious alloys and metals – limit increased to $25,000.
  • Resultant loss to parts – $25,000 limit added. This pays for the reduction in value of undamaged stock due to loss or damage to other stock in the manufacturing process.
  • Personal property at temporary locations, in transit or at fairs or exhibitions – limits increased to $25,000.
  • Underground property – $10,000 limit added. Our Metalworkers Package Policy is one of the few in the industry to provide coverage for foundations of buildings, machinery, boilers and for underground pipes, flues and drains.
  • Contract penalty expense – $10,000 limit added. You’re financially protected when required to pay a contract penalty for untimely delivery of products caused by a covered loss.
  • Direct physical damage to covered property caused by artificially generated electric current – $10,000 limit added.
  • Theft, disappearance or destruction of money and securities, on or off premises – $2,500 limit added.
Know your options.

You can choose from a wide variety of optional coverages as you work with our agency to custom fit your insurance program to your specific needs. Umbrella policies cover unforeseen catastrophic liability losses. A Commercial Umbrella supplements your basic policies with higher liability limits and expanded coverage. It makes good business sense to have an umbrella policy given today’s high legal verdicts and awards.

Boiler & Machinery coverage protects you against losses caused by explosion and accidental mechanical breakdown of equipment like pressure vessels, boiler and air conditioning units,

Building Laws Safeguard covers increased cost of construction after a loss due to enforcement of local ordinances, zoning laws or even federal laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act. You get three coverages in one affordable endorsement, with up to $250,000 to pay for increased construction cost, loss to undamaged property and demolition cost. The Commercial Property Coverage Extension Option conveniently packages nine coverage amount increases or additional property coverages.*

Lock in coverage with stable rates.*

We have carriers that prefer to do what many companies refuse to do – offer multi-year (and in some cases five-year) rate guarantees on most coverage except automobile, which is reviewed annually.

*Available in most states.

This is not a policy. For a complete statement of coverages and exclusions, please see the policy contract.

Please call our office at 614-443-0533 or email us and we will be happy to prepare a quote for your metalworking business


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