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So you just bought a new home. Chances are you did a lot of research to make it happen. Now, you need to be just as vigilant about choosing a homeowner’s policy and insurance agent. Whether you’re scanning web reviews and ratings or already know someone who sells insurance, an interview is an essential step in making sure you’ve found the right match. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable with the way your agent does business and communicates with you.

We’ve prepared a short questionnaire to get you started.


5 Questions You Should Ask Any Prospective Insurance Agent:

1. Where is your office located?
Would you prefer working with someone who can meet you face to face and has firsthand knowledge of the area where you live? Or are you comfortable dealing with a representative who’s only accessible via email, or a 1-800 number?

2. Which of your insurance carriers do you feel would be best for me, and why?
Make sure the agent you’re interviewing is presenting you with multiple options from different companies. An independent agency can do that.

At W.E. Davis, we provide quotes from quality insurers like Cincinnati, Westfield, Grange, State Auto, Travelers, and Safeco. This enables us to help you make meaningful comparisons and choose the best possible coverage’s and rates.

3. Do you know the adjuster who would handle my claim?
Many insurance companies fear that if an agent knows the adjuster who writes a claim check, the policy owner might end up getting more money. At W.E. Davis, our priority is helping clients get everything they deserve. We see agent-adjuster relationships as tools for making that happen.

4. How do you calculate the amount of coverage I need?
Most insurance companies will tell you how much coverage you need to properly insure your home. But you need to make sure they’re providing the right amount of Replacement Cost coverage at the right price. Describe all the valuables you want your policy to cover. Then take the lowest coverage amount the company is willing to offer.

At W.E. Davis, we’ll consult with you to find your perfect balance of coverage and cost.

5. How would a claim or two affect my rates?
Some insurance companies respond to claims by sharply raising rates or even canceling policies. Ask whether the agency you’re considering would offer advice about when it makes sense to settle a claim and when it would be better to handle the cost yourself.

At W.E. Davis, we work hard to make sure you know the ramifications of turning in a claim.

Click here to learn about homeowner’s policy details that could save you money when it comes to filing a claim. Contact us today for a free consultation and rate quote.


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