Contractor's Errors and Omissions (Professional) Liability Insurance

Protect Your Reputation with Contractor's E&O Liability Insurance

Even though you work hard as a contractor to provide a professional service and excellent work, occasionally things go wrong. Let W.E. Davis Insurance Agency help you when accused of errors in design or management of a project through Errors and Omissions insurance.

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Contractor's Errors and Omissions (Professional) Liability Insurance
Contractor's Errors and Omissions (Professional) Liability Insurance

Customize Your Contractor's E & O Insurance Program with Our Many Options:

Consider some of these potential claims not covered by General Liability Insurance:
  • Your employee completes a plumbing job on a new building and after it’s occupied, you find out the piping you used has been recalled because of defect.
  • Your company installs underground tanks in the wrong place at a job site. After you completed the project, you are asked to return to pump the contents, remove the tank from its current location and reinstall the tank in the correct location.
  • You design and install an electrical system with wiring under the concrete ground floor for a new store. After the store opens, the owner asks you to correct a flaw; the wiring can’t handle the power load.
  • You incorrectly install an air conditioning unit. You are called back after the project is complete to reroute the ductwork and replace the unit.
Your Backup Plan:

Your Contractors E&O Coverage helps protect you after you complete a job, and you are held responsible for faulty:

  • installation
  • workmanship
  • materials
  • design
There Is Even Help for your Defense:

We will pay the needed legal fees to defend you against a covered claim in addition to your policy amount on your Contractors E&O Coverage.

Covering Your Past Work:

In certain situations, your Contractors E&O Coverage can provide protection for problems with work you performed before your current policy began. It’s called prior acts coverage. Talk to our agency now to learn about the details and to help you plan ahead with the right insurance protection.

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Reach out to our team at W.E. Davis to learn more about Errors and Omissions Insurance.

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