Contractor's General Liability Insurance

Defend Your Business Against Lawsuits with Contractors Liability Insurance

Contractors liability insurance from W.E. Insurance Agency provides essential protection against costly lawsuits and claims that can arise from accidents or incidents on the worksite. With our tailored coverage options, contractors can gain peace of mind knowing that their business is fully protected against claims of negligence on the jobsite. Contact us today to learn more about our contractors liability insurance and how we can help safeguard your business.

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Contractor's General Liability Insurance
Contractor's General Liability Insurance

Stay Protected Against Lawsuits with Tailored Contractors Liability Insurance

Contractors liability insurance is a crucial coverage for businesses that operate in the construction industry. Whether you're a general contractor or subcontractor, our coverage options help safeguard your business and provide peace of mind.

Consider these important aspects of your liability insurance program:

  • Coverage for "YOUR WORK." - Most basic liability programs exclude poor workmanship, but it is possible to add some coverage for this.
  • Subcontractor's negligence - If you hire Subs, you should be sure your insurance program covers their negligence, since you could be named in a suit even though you did nothing wrong.
  • Contractual Liability - You sign contracts all the time. Do you know what rights you're signing away and if they are covered by your insurance program. basic liability policies do NOT cover all types of agreements you may sign.
  • Insured Vs. Insured Exclusions - If you have subsidiaries, be sure they have coverage for the negligence of other subsidiaries or the parent company.
  • Completed Operations for Defective Work - After you complete the job and are paid, your liability does not end. You can be sued years later for negligence that causes a loss after you have left the jobsite. Most basic policies do not cover defective work that manifests itself years later.

CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE - Are you baffled by 3rd parties that continually return your Certificates as non-compliant? W.E. Davis works with these companies everyday and makes sure your program meets the needs of your clients and their third parties overseeing this.

Contract Review - If your agent isn't reviewing your contracts for insurance and risk management issues, you could be accepting liabilities that could cost you big time in the future. Let W.E. Davis do contract review for you as a free service to our contracting clients.

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Reach out to our team at W.E. Davis to customize your plan and learn more.

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