Surety Bonds

Build Trust and Confidence with Surety Bond Protection for Your Business

W.E. Davis Insurance Agency provides Surety Bonds through our many fine Bond Carriers. Surety Bonding is not like insurance. Creating a bond line is very much like working with your banker. For bids under $500,000 we have a simplified process that works off of the owner’s credit. The application is simple and approval can be made in 24 hours.

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Surety Bonds
Surety Bonds

Items Typically Needed For a Bond Submissions of over $500,000

  1. Last 3 fiscal year-end CPA prepared financial statements including schedules of completed and uncompleted contracts
  2. Aging of accounts receivable as of the most recent fiscal year-end
  3. Most recent interim financial statement including schedules of completed and uncompleted contracts
  4. Aged schedule of accounts receivable concurrently dated with interim financial statement
  5. Most recent tax return for the business
  6. Financial statements for all affiliated companies. If financial statements are not prepared, provide latest tax returns
  7. Personal financial statements for all owners
  8. Contractor’s questionnaire. A recently (last 3 years) completed questionnaire on any surety’s form is acceptable.
  9. If a recent form is not available, use DLK form. Form is available as fill in Word document
  10. Letter from bank indicating amount, security and expiration date of line of credit. Copy of promissory note and security agreement is also sufficient
  11. Resumes of key owners and employees
  12. Copy of corporate buy/sell agreement including details of life insurance on key individuals
  13. Copy of your written business plan (if available)
  14. Any reference letters and/or company brochures or literature that you feel will help present your company in the best light possible

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